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Sorry, Sucked into the Christmas Zone

Holidays get like that. But they were very pleasant.
Roper gave me a set of Conga Drums. I gave him permission to buy a new guitar. (I would never presume to do the buying on such an item.) The noise potential in this house is tremendous.
We spent time with my brother and sister-in-law. My brother and I sort-of got along as kids, and barely saw eachother for about 20 years after we left home, but since my Mother died we have become good friends.
Christmas day was spent with Jeff and Carol, our friends Bonnie and Sam and Bonnie's sister Holly and her roommate Kirstie. And their dogs, KC and Teddy. The dogs were very well behaved and a lot of fun. I miss having a dog.
The work schedule came out for January. It will be hectic, but not as hectic as I was initially afraid. I will actually get a couple of days off. ...Unless our district manager needs me to go help out at some other branch.
Ok, Roper's awake now. More Later...

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    Where the heck have they hidden the spell checker now?????? GHR

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    Do you believe in luck? GHR

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