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Touching Base 1

It has been quite some time since I posted anything substantial. It has been an extremely busy couple of months.
We went to Colorado for Christmas to visit my brother and Sister-in-law. They recently built a house there, perched on the side of a mountain.
When there is time I'll get Roper to teach me how to post pictures. The house is awesome, with balconies and high ceilings and great views.
We spent a week just hanging out and catching up and getting some sanity back.

Work continues to be a nuthouse. We lost a teller just after Christmas. Amazingly, we got authorization to replace her. I promised my boss that I would stop being an attitude problem if he could get me back to real part-time hours. (I do not consider 35 hours a week to be really part-time.) He's trying.

We went to England for sight-seeing and the British Filkcon. Westminster Abby is the most fascinatingly creepy (or perhaps creepily fascinating) place I have ever been to. You can feel the ancientness. You can't take a step without walking on somebody's grave. The whole place is full of monuments and markers, kings, queens, down to choristers and deacons. (There is one Roper buried there, but he is too late to be an ancestor.)
We stayed with Phil and Lissa. (Thanks, guys!)
I could spend a week just exploring train stations. British rail in impressive.
The Con was awesome as expected. Lots of good music. Lots of good conversation. More good music.
Plug Alert- The n'Early Music Consort is coming to FilkOntario. They are something to hear. You should all go.

Three days after we got home was Capricon. Four full, complex days. A really good time with too much to see and do. Greg ran one hell of a con.

You all should come next year.

Why?? Well, that deserves a separate post.


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