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A Weekend of My Own

Roper's off at GaFilk. I had to work. (It's Christmas for one of my co-workers. She's Greek Orthodox, from a sect that isn't quite on the Gregorian Calendar. Or maybe they are and the rest of us aren't. Or something.)
The bank has been absolutely bughouse the last few days. And Leslie went home sick Friday afternoon. I do hope she is well by Monday.

Since the Village is starting to pick up the Christmas Trees Monday Morning I started to take it down this afternoon. All the ornaments but 10 are off. I'm a touch too short to get them. Roper can get them down when he gets home tomorrow and we can take the tree out to the curb. I didn't want to do it before the 6th. Whether you call it 12th night, Epiphany or Little Christmas, it's the traditional end of the Christmas season and it was nice to have the tree up even if It was just me and the cats celebrating.

My resolution for this year is to get rid of a bunch of useless stuff and get organized. That's hard in a house where one person is a collector and the other is a pack rat.
I started on the master bathroom and threw out a bagful of expired cosmetics, lotions old enough to be separating, and perfumes I will never wear again.

As I have said before, "It may come in handy some day" are some of the most dangerous words in the English Language.
Soon I must attack the kitchen.



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Jan. 8th, 2006 04:57 pm (UTC)
I think the main difference between the Gregorian and Orthodox (Julian) calendars is that the Orthodox calendar didn't add the 12 days in 1582 that the Pope decreed to "make it so". That was a retroactive correction to the calendar to account for the calendar being off by about 3 days every 400 years. (The correction was to have years ending in 00 to not be leap years except if the year is a multiple of 400.)

But the Pope was the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, not the [Russian or Greek] Orthodox Church, and so the correction waas not applied to their calendars. Therefore, the Orthodox Christmas is approximately 13 days after the Gregorian Christmas.
Jan. 8th, 2006 06:56 pm (UTC)
From my page a day Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Calendar:

Christmas was once a movable feast. Int he fourth century, Pope Julius I chose Dec. 25 because it coincided with the pagan rituals of the winter solsitce. However, in 1752, the Gregorian calendar replaced the Julian and 11 days were lost. One sect of Christrians, known as the "Calendarists," still hold to the Julian calendar. To this day, they celebrate Christmas on January 7.
Jan. 9th, 2006 04:35 am (UTC)
Sounds like
we have very similar resolutions. I'm starting to drive my kids nuts. To quote Luke, "I *hate* when you get on an organizing spree!!!"
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