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Chick Power Weekend...

While Roper was off at ConFusion the girls and I had a rather up-and-down weekend.
Julie and I played with blocks Friday afternoon.I was sitting on the floor for too long and managed to pinch a nerve in my leg. This caused a fair amount of pain and I was concerned about a blood clot. it was the same leg as houses my bad knee so I'm never sure what it going to throw at me. I finally discarded the blood clot theory as there wasn't any swelling.
The girls were rowdy and I was short tempered. Not a good combination.

Saturday, on the other hand was rather pleasant. My leg was much better in the morning. Katie announced a desire for pancakes so we went out to brunch at gail's Pancake House. The girls acted like ladies and actually ate most of their meals. I had a wonderful omlete, (spinach, swiss cheese, mushrooms and onion.) 
I needed some items from Walmart, so I promised the girls each a treat if they behaved themselves while we shopped. Surprisingly, behavior ensued. Julie came home with a Barbie hand bag and accessories and Katie found a doll with salon chair and hair thingies on serious clearance. I also picked up a Nerf basketball set in an effort to promote purposeful activity during the cold weather.
The doll's hair thingies prompted an interest in hair styling so my seldom used rollers were pulled out and we set each other's hair.
It was very silly.

Sunday we were back to purposeless activity with a large amount of running about and wrasseling. The result being that Julie fell against a kitchen chair and sustained a cut above her right eye.  It didn't seem deep enough for stitches, but I expect she'll have quite a shiner.

Right now, Roper is playing Monopoly with Katie and when I finish up filing the sales taxes I'm going to read Julie one of her library books.

It's cold but clear here, today. With sunshine I can handle anything.


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