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Home From Duckon...

The weekend had it's ups and downs.
The big news was that Katie's tooth fell out and the Tooth Fairy managed to find her out in St. Charles.
She is very proud of the gap in her bite.
Pheasant Run, where Duckon was held, is a golf resort. It is very strung out. The con had programming spreading from the easternmost point to the westernmost. Rolf, a fit former farmboy, timed the walk. It took him just over 5 minutes to walk from end to end. It took me a fair amount more.
Friday night we took advantage of the really nice pool.
Saturday morning I woke up with my digestive track in full rebellion. I managed to watch the dtaler's table while Roper took the girls to lunch. When they got back I baled to the room to lie down. There was frequent coming and going of little girls, but I did manage to sleep on and off. A member of the con-com recruited his teen age daughter to keep an eye on Katie. Julie, my separation anxiety girl stayed with mommy. After dinner, Roper took Katie swimming again.
The girls and I were asleep by 11:30.
Roper came in from the filk about 1:30 and was up in the bathroom by 4:30.
Yeah, he had the tumnmy bug now.
Good thing this was one of those 24hr things.
I packed up as much of the luggage as I could, took it down to the car and herded the girls down to the consuite. (I was starving. All I had to eat Saturday was a few pretzels and a little chicken.)
In the consuite we ran into Katie's friends from the day before. She happily joined them. Julie went back to the Dealer's room with me and colored while I set up for the day.
I had to call the help desk to reset the password on our charge machine, but the support people are pleasant and know what they are doing.
Roper managed to stagger out of bed, shower, pack and check us out by noon. This was a good thing.
Sales were slow but the conversation was pleasant.
The room closed at three. When we started packing things stopped being so pleasant. Roper still felt weak but had to do the standing-up part of the pack out because A)he is faster than I am and B) the 36' wide nature of the table made it impossible for me to get things off the top three rows of the rack.
We were hurrying our hurriest so we could go home and colapse. At this point Julie got tired of having no attention all weekend and had a blow-up and melt-down worthy of Krackatoa.
I would have stopped and tried to settle her down, but Roper was afraid that if he stopped he would fall over. Besides, we had to empty the table so we could return the plywood we had borrowed from another dealer (Another story that I'll let Roper tell.)
Once the car was all packed we recovered Katie, and adjourned to a local family restraunt for some comfort food.
Home at last we all sort of colapsed.
It's good to be home.


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