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Thanks for the ear, folks.
Yes, we found a lovely lamb cake at the Jewel, frosted in chocolate, no coconut.
Third load of laundry is in the washer, the first is back upstairs. I will shortly let the girls watch Too-much-TV (TM) while I fold and put away.
The rest of the laundry will go in tomorrow.
I managed to get the chain back on Katie's bike, found the airpump and filled her tires.
We never got to the park today. It turned cloudy and chilly after 3 or so.
We'll try and go tomorrow.
Tomorrow between park and laundry I'm going to try and straighten up the house.
whl is coming for dinner.
And Roper will be home late tomorrow evening.

Right now, I'll go and make my pork chop.
Food will help.

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