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A Request For Sympathy...

The weekend is being quite challenging so far.
The girls are each demanding a lot of attention. I am only one person and can be in only one place at a time. This results in a lot of competitive behaviour and fighting.
I have yelled much more than I have wanted to. And have gotten very little of the laundry and house cleaning done that was on the agenda.
I have to do laundry as Katie has no clean pajamas and Julie is almost out of pants. And the cat has decided to express his displeasure at the disruption by peeing somewhere in the guest room.
I woke up with my nose running like a leaky faucet. I told Katie "no" when she wanted to play the games on daddy's tablet and she told me I didn't love her and wanted her to leave the family. She sulked until Julie found the bamboo flute. Katie pulled out the recorders in self defence. And the resulting competative recorder duel has given me a crashing headache.
We will shortly be off to the grocery store where we hope to buy a lamb cake as there is no hope of baking one.
On the other hand dying eggs went very well yesterday. The girls had a lot of fun and the kitchen suffered very little damage.

Now, what I'm looking for here is "aw, poor baby." and "my kids do that, too."
I don't want to be told that my children are out-of-control monsters or a litany of all the things I am doing wrong raising them.
I've gotten that before and it just makesme cry. ANd my nose is running enough as it is.

And I really want them to fix the spell checker.

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