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The Advantage...

To getting up at 5:30 to take daddy to the airport is that the girls went to bed without argument.
We had delivery chineese for dinner.
There were at least 6 time outs today, mostly for not stopping and "making your sister scream."
Julie fell asleep during one of her time outs. Things were much better after her nap.

We played a lot of Angry Birds. I got to play the Rio version on daddy's computer. I had never played it before, and I three-stared four of the levels I played.

I also watched a nice piece on Davey Jones on the Biography chanel while Julie slept and Katie did her homework.
(I'm still a little boggled by homework for preschool)

I'm going to watch one of my recorded Jeopardy episodes then call it a day myself.
Daddy darn well better be having fun out in California.

'Night, All!


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