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Bits Of My Life Back...

Katie has been going to her pre-school class for two weeks now.
I have about 2 hrs on Tuesday and Thursday mornings now.
I still have Julie at home, but Julie is better able to amuse herself.
Today I dropped Katie off at school, picked up breakfast at Mac's, ate breakfast with Julie, and had a nice snuggle with her while watching Curious George. Then Julie made more conjectors out of the megablocks while I did some long delayed and very necessary house plant maintenance. The pothos in the kitchen window looks much happier, now.

After I picked up Katie I bribed the girls with popcorn to pick up the blocks and put the tubs away. They are now munching away and I snuck upstairs to sort laundry and check e-mail.
My space bar still sticks if I don't hit it just right, so bear with me.

But, all in all, a good day so far.


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