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Something Up On Our Street...

When I was putting the trash barrel out to the curb about midnight I noticed three guys and a truck (or van or SUV, I couldn't tell from my angle). They were just milling about. I figured that they were scavengers as it was garbage night or maybe one of them lived there and was being dropped off.
I went back in and watered the Christmas tree. So maybe 7 minuted or so passed. When i got upstairs I looked out the window. The truck had been joined by two cars with their headlights on and I could see somebody walking around the vehicle with a flashlight.
About 12:30 the ambulance and it's attendant firetruck that lives around the corner pulled up.
There was more milling about, but I couldn't see much due to darkness, snow and my angle.
About 12:40 one of the cop cars left. About 12:50 the ambulance and firetruck left, and a big honking flatbed tow truck arrived. About 10 minutes ago the tow truck and second cop car left.
The vehicle on the truck was an SUV or minivan.

Tomorrow, I have to check the Des Plaines police blotter. I'm just curious.


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