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Home Again, Jiggity Jig...

We're home from Conclave.
We survived.
The SpaceTime show went well.
Roper was insanely overcommitted.
I spent lots of time with little girls. But harperjen's older daughter was there and three little girls play better and are less bored than two little girls.
The hotel had a nice pool and we swam both Saturday and Sunday morning.
One of the games dealers had inflatable 20 sided dice about 18" in diameter. Katie, Julie, M and another dealer's son of a similar age
all had one. During teardown I herded them out to the mezzanine and found an out of traffic corner for them to play in.
I think it helped. It was rather fun.

And I had a lovely conversation with someone I had never met before.

Well, time to herd little girls to bed.

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