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Today's TMI...

I got up early this morning, and when all the rest of the household was blissfully asleep, I went out and got the van emissions tested.
When I came in the door I was greeted with "Come upstairs. Julie has had a major poop event."

Julie ate something she shouldn't have. I have already noted that both girls seem to have sensitive digestion. Whatever it was produced diarrhea.
Thank heaven for waterproof mattress overlay pads.
While I was finishing cleaning up the mess Julie announced that she had to go poopies again.
I told her to get on the toilet. (What a novel concept!) She did. and discovered that she didn't have to sit in her own yuck. I still have to help her clean up, but I think we're having a breakthrough.

Meanwhile, Katie, while still complaining bitterly that she wants a pull-up, is managing her own bathroom trips. So far, only two accidents since 9/1.

Light at the end of the poopy tunnel.


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