daisy_knotwise (daisy_knotwise) wrote,

A Day In the Park

I went to the park with my friend Jennefer this afternoon to chat and celebrate her birthday. She was good enough to share some pictures that she took of Katie and Julie.

Climbing the Rope Gym Climbing the Rope Gym These are some pictures that my friend Jennefer took while we were at the park with the girls today. As you can see, the rope gym is popular. Julie seems ready to keep anyone else from climbing from the look of her.
Queens of the Mountain Queens of the Mountain Fortunately, Katie and Julie have decided to share the top of the rope gym. Otherwise, it would have been ugly.
Sharing With Others Sharing With Others And now it's time to share with a playmate. I'm not sure Julie's thrilled by this, but Katie looks happy.


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    Do you believe in luck? GHR

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