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So How Come...

OK, since the summer items first started showing up in the catalogs this spring I have been looking for tank tops long enough that I'm not flashing tummy every time I move. Tuesday I got a Just My Size catalog in the mail. On a page clearly labeled "NEW" it had a lace trimmed stretch jersey tank top 30" long. Just what I was looking for! The colors were a little dull, but they would be fine for fall layering. So today I finally had time to go to the website and order a couple.
Except the item screen for that particular item wouldn't load. ("Please try again later")
Ok, websites can get flaky. I tried a phone order. And the conversation went like this.
"Oh, that item is gone."
"Will you be getting more?"
"No, it's been discontinued."
"But in the catalog it says 'new'."
"I'm sorry, but we don't have it. maybe they'll run it again next spring."
I expressed my disappointment, and the order clerk said she would pass my comments along.
(Yes, I was polite. I have taken phone orders in my past. I know it's not her fault.)

I just a little frustrated. A new item in a new catalog and it's just not there.

I'll just have to keep looking.



Aug. 19th, 2011 10:23 pm (UTC)
I've had that problem with a couple of other "plus" clothing catalogs. They know they have a captive audience... I did just get a batch of nice long tanks on clearance from womanwithin.com - they may still have some.

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