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Good News and Bad News...

Well, what have we been up to?
In the order that I think of them in...
We bought the girls a Slip-N-Slide.
They love it. Our yard has a significant slope so the sliding is pretty good. They also discovered that they slide better naked than in their swim suits. Sigh.

I did something to my back. It feels like sciatica, but I haven't been to the dr. It is better today, but I have to be careful of how I move. Yesterday I spent in a chair letting the girls watch too many cartoons.

Today was the first swimming class. Katie is thriving. She is comfortable in the water, making friends and getting lots of attention. (There are 8 kids in the class and 3 teachers.)
Julie, on the other hand, freaked and spent the second half of the class siting on a bench.
If she freaks again tomorrow, I'll take her out of class. I don't want to disrupt things for the rest of the kids.

I have a sitter for Harry Potter next Sunday. I'm really looking forward to this.

Julie is still being Separation Anxiety Girl. If anybody has any advice I'd be happy to hear it.

My moss roses are spectacular this summer. I must get Roper to post some pictures. As well as the pictures of my lilies. They are bloomed out now, but at the end of June they were lovely.

Of course, now that I am at the keyboard I have forgotten half of what I wanted to post. More later, I'm sure.


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