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The Saga Continues...

The girls got up this morning with runny noses and low energy. It was a lovely day so I took them to the park anyway. They lasted half an hour. We came home and i figured that they would crash out in front of a video and I could maybe get something done.
No such luck. Being home revved them and there was a great deal of running around. And cookies. We made cookies.
Roper got home from his adventures about 6 and we ordered Chinese food.
Julie ate most of an eggroll and her batteries ran out. She became a sleeping lump on the couch.
Katie went up to play her new phonics computer game.
I actually got to sip a cup of tea in my chair. WITH MY FEET UP. (That never happens.)
After Julie woke up she toddled over to an empty piece of floor and threw up spectacularly. I think she has the tummy bug now.


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    Where the heck have they hidden the spell checker now?????? GHR

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    Do you believe in luck? GHR

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