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Up Datier...

Well, let's see.

Katie hasn't thrown up since dinnertime, Wednesday.
Julie is showing no sign on infection and her spirits are good.
My digestive tract is back to normal.

And the cat.
He was more lively yesterday morning but I took him to the vet any way. They checked him over and took blood.
The results were... normal.
Dr. C called this morning to say that the bloodwork looked really good for a 15 yr old cat.
He does have a broken tooth that is a bit infected and he should have a good cleaning and perhaps an extraction eventually, but that shouldn't be contributing to the peeing problem.
He thinks that it is a behavioral thing and the listless and clingy was sulking because we were away for the weekend.

So I've ordered another moisture resistant mattress pad and
a waterproof overlay to put on the bed when we are not in it.
I'm also going to research behavior modification for cats.
If worse comes to worse we can try kitty prozac. But medication is a last resort.

So that's the way it is here. Thanks for all the advice and encouragement.



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Apr. 9th, 2011 05:44 am (UTC)

And, yeah, we've got at least one cat who gets a bit ... pissy (literally) when we are away for a day or two.I've considered giving her a room of her own (with her own food/water/litterbox) when we're away, as most of the problem seems to be an adversarial relationship with one of the other (younger) cats.

Side benefit of the waterproof overlay for the bed? It cuts down on cat hair on the bed, too :)
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