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A Good Excercize In Memory...

March 1961
Living in the far northwest side of Chicago in a 3bdrm 1 1/2 bath house with parents, older brother, and a dog named Yankie, (but usually called Hank.) The house was built in 1949 as a 1 1/2 story one bedroom w/ loft. it saw a lot of changes as we lived there. I believe I was in kindergarten.
I remember many of the cars my parents owned, but I can't say what they were driving at the time.

March 1971
Still living in same house with parents and brother. Still a two car family. House now had 3/4 finished basement. We had a dog named Smokie, a cat named Teddy Bear and a guinea pig. Can't remember if it was Pig or Skunk Puppy.
I was a Freshman in High School.

March 1981
Living, again, in same house on NW side with recently widowed mother and husband#1. Had a dog named Susie, and cats Teddy Bear, Francher, Logan and Pheep. My Ma drove a Chevy Malibu and Husband#1 and I both drove beaters. I was working retail.

March 1991
Living in 1 bdrm apt in Maine township with Husband#1. We both drove Ford Festivas. I loved those cars. Had cats Francher, Logan, Pheep and Telzy. Was asst branch manager for a bank.

March 2001
Living in 5 bdrm 3 bath house in Des Plaines with Husband 2.0.
Had cats Fuzz Bucket, Bilbo and Chevon. (Would loose Chevon to cancer that summer.) Drove a green Dodge Caravan. (A '99, I think.)Husband was driving a Mercury Sable. Still with the bank, but owernership changed. I was no longer asst manager, and was part time.

March 2011
Still living in same house in Des Plaines. Basement is now semi-finished. Still married to Husband 2.0. Still have Fuzz Bucket, the cat. Still driving a minivan. This one is red.(2005) Husband drives a Ford 500. Now have two little girls. (My Joy and my Despair at the same time.

Life just keeps getting better.



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Mar. 10th, 2011 08:00 pm (UTC)
In '61, I think Aunt Kathleen bought a new Pontiac and gave Mother the '57 Chieftain. As best I recall, Mother had been driving a yellow '55 Nash Rambler until that year. Dad was still driving the '57 Studebaker. What I don't recall is what he had after that, and when the changeover happened. I know he had a VW Bug for awhile in '66, when I was a freshman at Lane Tech. After that came the first of the Rambler station wagons, which was a '66 or '67, and blue. That was the car we drove to Expo '67, with you in back with the suitcases.

We were a 3-car family in '71: I had the '68 Chevelle, dad had a '70 Rambler station wagon (green) and mother had the '65 Biscayne. My Chevelle died in the spring of '74, and I drove the Biscayne around until that fall, when I got a real job and bought my Honda Civic. I think the Biscayne croaked in late '74 or early '75, and after that it was Aunt Kathleen's green '70 Nova. After that I was no longer living at home, and the whole thing fuzzes out.
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