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I've Had Better Valentine's Days...

Tomorrow I'm scheduled for a colonoscopy. So Today I was on clear liquids, apple juice and water.
Around supper time I had to drink a liter of stuff to clean out my tract. I swear it tastes like salty Pledge.
It seems to be doing a good job, however. No cramping, but my butt hurts.

Bed time has been aerobic for both girls. Julie threw a massive tantrum when I turned out the lights. A good solid 10 minutes of kicking and screaming. Then she calmly stood up and informed me that her sleeper was too small and hurt her feet.
I changed her sleeper and she fell right asleep.
Now, why couldn't she have said that in the first place?
Katie's being a jack-in-the-box, popping out for lots of little reasons. Roper and I bounce her back into bed. I trust this will stop soon.

Well, I have sheets to fold and another 16 oz of water to drink.



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