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Whining And Complaining... Feel Free To Ignore...

I Am Sick And Tired...
Of being sick and tired.
I have had this cold to one degree or another since the beginning of November. (Including a stint of pinkeye.) Right now I'm in the cough-up-a-lung portion of our program. I'm living on Robitussin and Halls and I' reeeeeaaaallllly tired of having to cross my legs when I cough.
I can't sleep properly because of the coughing and I can't lie down during the day because I have little girls. (Who have also had the cold off and on.)
The floor is ankle deep in toys and Cheerios because I don't have the energy to keep up.
Today is laundry day as I am wearing my last long sleeve tee shirt. If I don't wash, tomorrow my choices would be short sleeves or special occasion blouses.
Roper's got it now, too.
Tip of the day: Buy stock in Puffs.


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