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This And That...

Roper just called. He's on the road back from Confusion. Julie is napping. Katie is stringing a necklace for Daddy. I just brought up a load of sheets from the dryer. There is more laundry to do, but it isn't urgent.
My cold has reached the cough stage. I woke up with a coughing fit this morning and I think I sprained my throat.
It was sunny enough today that I didn't have to shovel the dusting of snow from last night. I did salt the permanent puddle at the end of the driveway. If it doesn't melt the ice, at least it will gritify it.
I really appreciate our southwest facing frontage. (Our neighbor counter-clockwise 's driveway is still snowy, too much shadow. Our neighbor clockwise was up at 7am shoveling. He's an overachieving early bird.)

I am seeing fireworks going off to our south.
Maybe the Bears won.
(Edit: No, the Packers won. The NBC website is confusing.
I really don't follow football.)

Well, Katie wants my help tying off the necklace.

Hope your weekend was nice.


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