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Kid Logic...

The other thing in the backpack that Katie lost was a plush elephant named Gabriella. She was a sufficiently recent acquisition that I figured we should be able to replace her. The store that we got her from still had a few, although they were in the clearance aisle. In the same bin was a plush baby giraffe. You could tell it was a giraffe because of the cloven hooves and squareish brown spots. But its neck is short and it's missing its horns. Katie immediately fell for it. So I bought it along with Gabriella II. The giraffe is now named...



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Dec. 4th, 2010 04:03 pm (UTC)
Ace's Father's Dad, who Ace at the time called "Grandma Tom" (the whole world was mommies, daddies, babies, and grandmas at that time) sent her a cool riding animal when she was about 2 1/2. It was a green plastic dinosaur- or dragon-like critter with horns and a molded-on saddle, that balanced on springs, and was rated 3 and up. Since Ace was remarkably well-coordinated at that age, I set it up right away--but first, all the pieces were spread across the living room floor while I read the instructions. Ace walked up, patted the green beast's head where it lay on its side, and pronounced, with appropriate sadness, "Horsie dead."

At the time, I didn't even know she knew the word "dead". But she was very pleased when Horsie stopped being dead and she got to climb up and ride. (I spotted her very carefully for the first hour or so, though it was apparent she didn't need me to catch her even on the first attempt.)

"Horsie" it remained -- and still remains, in my Aunt's garage, since once she outgrew it, it was moved there for her younger cousins to play on in the yard during good weather.
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