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But In A Good Way...

It is our habit, on the weekends, to go out for lunch. Today we made it to Charcoal Delights just in time to get breakfast. I had my usual eggs, over medium, sausage, toast and hash browns. Julie had pancakes and Katie wanted gyros just like Daddy. (I love Charcoal delights. The food is good and the menu is very diverse. And they keep the ice tea urn clean.)

After lunch I dropped Roper and the girls at the park and ran off to pick up a couple of things at Michael's. I saw an item there that I had been lusting over and, lo and behold, it was 40% off. I bought it.

I headed back to the park. It reopened just recently after a down to bare earth rebuild with some way-cool playground equipment. There were quite a few kids there the girls were having a wonderful time.

I casually mentioned to Roper that I had bought myself a present. He got a funny look and said. "You'll have to take it back." It seems that he had already gotten it for me for my birthday.

Now, when we had left the house it was sunny, but the clouds had come in and it was a little bit chilly. The girls were fine as they were in perpetual motion, but Roper was feeling the chill. We gathered up the girls and headed home.

I made hot chocolate to ward off the chill and put Pooh's Grand Adventure on the DVD Player. So there I was, plumped down on the couch, my shoes off, sipping hot chocolate. The girls were sitting on the floor coloring, And Roper headed down to the studio to tweak the current project.

And the perfection of the moment hit me and I cried.
The house was still a mess. The girls would be squealing and wrestling soon enough, and moments pass.

But this Sunday afternoon was just perfect.


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