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Bedtime, Again...

Bedtime continues to be an adventure.
Julie is easy. A dry diaper, a warm bottle, a dark room and about 10 minutes of Mommy cuddle time and she's out. She'll even walk up to me, lean her head on my knee and ask "Can I go to bed now?" (So cute I could die from it.)
Katie is a different matter. Katie is all kinds of "Just one more game!" and "Can I have another story?" "I can't find the pajamas I want." and "I AM JUST NOT SLEEPY."
Hey, I was a "bad sleeper" too. I was a night person in a family of morning people. There are moments that I am tempted to let her stay up until she falls over, but I have to stick to my guns. After the girls are in bed is about the only time I get to myself. And if I let Katie stay up too late, I won't get enough sleep when Julie wakes me up in the morning.
Tonight I tried snuggling with her in my bed for a while. We giggled and chatted and I actually thought she was falling asleep. Then I moved. And that was the end of that. I tried singing and was told."Stop , mommy. I only like it when daddy sings."
I'm tired of being bad cop, I'm tired of the bedtime adventures. My only comfort is that lots of kids have bedtime issues.
So, how long can I expect this to go on?


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