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Back On Part Time

Ok, the short-form review. The bank I work for was bought. The name change and system conversion happened in the middle of February. January was spent in training and covering for people in training. In the midst of conversion one of my fellow CSR's fell and broke her ankle in three places. She too this as a sign that she should retire. So, here I was, the part-timer who normally does 24 hours a week pulling 36+ hours. When it became obvious that they weren't going to replace Janis I decided that enough was enough. On the advice of our HR lady I told my manager that I wanted to go back to my regular hours. Greg had us start cross training one of the tellers who, in theory would help cover Customer Service when I was off, but I was still doing 32 hours a week.
Then the fit hit the shan. They did a round of layoffs. Our branch was the only one of the newly acquired branches that didn't take a hit. I assume it was because they never replaces Janis. They must also have cracked down on payroll budgets as Greg suddenly became concerned with all the hours I was working. (I'm expensive for a part-timer. I have been there 15 years.) So the Customer Service Manager and the teller supervisor worked it out and I am back to 24 hours a week (Or so...) Ivette, the crossed-trained teller will be half on our side of the lobby and half behind the teller line. It's a good solution, but we're still shorter staffed than we're used to. Our customers are not used to waiting. And I still am so far behind on paperwork that I will never die. But I will have more weekends off. We'll see how it sorts out.



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May. 11th, 2005 07:04 pm (UTC)
Yay! I hope the move to part time really works and the person you've trained takes up the slack okay. Being part time at nearly 40 hours a week is kind of...well, not part time. *grin*
May. 13th, 2005 07:07 am (UTC)
Sounds painfully familiar
Due to budget constraints, the software department I'm working for has gone from a high three years ago of 8 people (contractors and employees) down to 2.1 employees (we've got two full-time employees (myself being one) and 10% of the time from one other employee). My primary coworker and I are getting VERY good at multitasking, but new development has slowed to a crawl. This for a software project of over 400,000 lines of code.

For perspective, the space-shuttle operating system has been reported to have aprox. 420,000 lines of code and keeps over 100 developers working full time...

I'm paid salary for a 40hr week, but 45-50hrs are normal and 60hr weeks are not unusual. While I love what I'm doing, there are many times I wish there were just one or two more people working on the project.

As with your situation, being overly-competent can sometimes be the seed of it's own punishment.

Much sympathy and best wishes.
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