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Well, That was Dumb...

Roper went to a Cubs Game today. Since we didn't know when he'd get home we decided to run out to Red Robin for dinner.
The Red Robin is in Woodfield Mall. The mall has a kid's play are as well.
The girls got restless while we were finishing up. Roper took them over to the play area while I waited for the check.
The play area is in the center of the mall, just past a multi- leveled gathering area. I was heading down a short set of steps to the level of the play area when I missed the last step and stumbled. I flailed for a moment, decided I wasn't going to regain my balance and tucked in my right shoulder and rolled, landing flat on my back.
I quickly ascertained that no real damage was done, but sat on the floor a bit to catch my breath. Some kindly souls offered to help and asked if I needed an ambulance. I declined and thanked them, stood up and sat down on the bench in the play area. (Daddy and the girls had found me earlier.) Mall Security came over to make sure I was all right. I assured them I was just a bit shook up.
We got home uneventfully, and I am now sitting here with an ice pack on my shoulder.
I'm sure I will be stiff tomorrow, but I doubt I did any real damage.

But, boy, do I feel dumb.


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