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The local Boy Came In Second...

I watched the finale of Dancing With The Stars last night. In the first half the blond (Erin something) was eliminated.
This left Evan Lysacek and Nicole Scherzinger.
It looked like a close thing to me, but Scheringer had two advantages. She picked a very flashy Jive dance for her final number and had David Hough as her partner. Jeez, that guy is good! I was watching the jive dance carefully and Hough was taking two or three steps to every one that Scherzinger took.
Lysacek and his partner did a very cute Quick Step. They were very smooth and together, but it was nowhere near as flashy as the jive.

I can't complain about the outcome. Scherzinger was good.
But it would have been cool to have the local hero win.

We'll see how Lee De Wyze does on American Idol.


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