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Preping for FkO...

The girls were absolute little hellions today. I'm putting it down to all the sugar in their Easter Baskets. So I can't complain too much as it was self-inflicted.
So the lack of yelling and sulking at bedtime was a total surprise.

Right now I am taking a break from packing for the trip.
My packing is pretty much done. All I need are four pairs of socks and my toiletries that can't go in 'till the morning.
But for the girls... How many outfits do I need? how many pants are going to end up wet? How many socks are going to be lost? What shirt is going to be adamantly refused? ("But I hate that shirt!" "Why?" "'cause I don't love it!" "Funny, I couldn't get you out of it last week.")

And I have to mend Roper's jeans. If I can find the piece of denim I keep for this very reason.

And the toys and books... which ones, how many, what to pack them in. I'll tackle that tomorrow.

Hope to see some of you soon,


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