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Where the heck have they hidden the spell checker now??????


My Precious...

There are a lot computers in this house. My computer lives upstairs in my room. Running upstairs to quickly check e-mail or look up a recipe is not always convenient. Espically with two little girle who both want to be playing Minecraft. Roper's big laptop lives in the family room. It is convenient, but big and clunky and needs to be plugged in most of the time.
And this year the girls have a fair amount of homework that needs to be done on various websites. It is hard to monitor the homework and get anything else done. (except, maybe, folding laundry.)
So when Roper asked me what I wanted for my birthday I told him I wanted a medium sized laptop with a lot of battery that is suitable for web surfing. It doesn't have to be fancy, I don't play games. It doesn't have to talk to the printer. I can do that upstairs.

So, Roper did his google magic and found this laptop for a vary reasonable price. It does what I want it to do, isn't huge, and best of all, IT'S BLUE!

I'm happy.


A Question...

Do you believe in luck?


11:36 pm...

It is 11:36 pm and my Hooligans are still gabbing in their room.
Nex week is going to be an adventure when school starts again and they have to get up at 8:00.


When LiveJournal Goes Wonky

Gretchen's been fighting with LJ this past week.  Tonight, I had a chance to look at it.  LJ won't load in IE, but is loading in Chrome.

Now, let's see if it posts.

(Bill, writing for the beleaguered Gretchen...)

Update:  And this appears to be a known problem with IE and LJ.

Dear, it's time to use Chrome for a while...


I am doing the pre-con paperwork for the Capricon dealers'room.
Today I got an application from
Broadway Al's Steamporium
This is, by far, the best huxter name I have come accross in a loooooong time.


A Surprise...

Some kind soul has shoveled our driveway.
Thank you!



Every time I think that it can't get any busier something else comes along.

Last week the girls were on break. The house got, um, very lived in.
Tomorrow is cleaning lady day.
I expected to spend a quiet day doing pick-up-and-put-away while the girls were at school.
Ha Ha. I stopped to glance through my e-maill while I was looking for an address.
And I found a reminder about the holiday cookie exchange at the Girl Scout meetting this evening.
Now I had managed to not read the initial message about the cookies. So this was a total suprise.
I panicked.
Internet Boy came to my rescue.
Roper googled and found a receipe that I had and lost 30 years ago.
Melt-away cookies are mostly corn starch and powdered sugar and flavoring.
They are dirt simple to make and go together in no time.
I ran to the Jewel for ingrediants and made a batch of chocolate chip and a batch of orange spice.
And managed to get them done just in time.

I did, however, have an oops with a spatula and bent both beaters.
Later, when I have time to find the model number of my 35 y/o MixMaster, Roper will try to find replacements on the internet.

I'm tired.

A Question...

What do you call a crack in the earth's crust that spews hot molten a's and e's into the air?

Vowlecanic activity




Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes.
It was a pleasant and productive day.
I'm still coughing, but less than I was. And my energy is coming back.

I have lots to do, but now I have some hope of getting it done.


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  • daisy_knotwise
    11 Feb 2015, 01:26
    Yeah, that sums it up for me.
  • daisy_knotwise
    9 Feb 2015, 18:14
    Zan and Cat said what I would say, so...yes, only insofar as that's the name we give to random events.
  • daisy_knotwise
    9 Feb 2015, 16:39
    The more I think about it ... it is likely more positive attitude than "luck" ... I agree with Cat that luck randomly comes and goes, but I do believe that people with a more positive attitude feel…
  • daisy_knotwise
    9 Feb 2015, 13:16
    I think that random things happen, and that some of them are good for us and some bad and we refer to these as good or bad luck.

    I don't believe this randomness can be persuaded or cajoled or sensed…
  • daisy_knotwise
    9 Feb 2015, 07:45
    I didn't really, until I met Steve. He does. And he has had a lot of luck. So, maybe there is something to it.
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